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“The Sun is never so beautiful that one day we get on the road.”

J. Giono


SAITO, the largest distribution center for new and original turbochargers in central Italy, the only Italian distributor of the MITSUBISHI TURBOCHARGER brand and authorized turbo distributor GARRETT , BORGWARNER and MAHLE, has chosen to strengthen its online presence by offering users a superior shopping experience.
A portal dedicated to aftermarket specialists, which aims to become their fundamental tool for the supply of new and original turbochargers MITSUBISHI, MAHLE, GARRETT, BORGWARNER KKK, IHI, HOLSET, SCHWITZER, HITACHI, TOYOTA; related products, gaskets, oil delivery pipes, dip pipes, blow-by filters, particulate filters, catalysts and much more that can be purchased easily and intuitively.
SHOP.SAITO.IT/EN is conceived as a direct tool interaction, offering a dynamic and rewarding shopping experience and consolidating the relationship between SAITO and its customers. In the second video we simulate a searching for a turbo code and we explain how to store your credentials so as not to have to re-enter them later. We also suggest how to create a connection on your device to quickly connect to the b2b with a simple click!

Go to shop.saito.it/en to discover the latest market news and all our promotions!

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