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  • It takes about 15 grams of fuel to start a car engine;
  • The first vehicle to move independently was built in 1769, weighed more than 3.5 tons and was produced to tow guns


We can say that today as never before life is movement. The engine is undoubtedly one of the most successful expressions to give man the possibility of moving around a world that is going faster and faster. From a strictly technical point of view, the first internal-combustion engine can be considered a set of components whose function is to convert a source of chemical energy into kinetic energy. We could venture a comparison by saying that the engine – like the human body – needs good functioning and perfect synchrony between its parts in order to guarantee maximum efficiency. The right care and maintenance are key to the best performance and prolonging the life of your engine.
SAILOG was founded in 2006 as a commercial partner of SAITO to meet the ever growing demand for spare parts for engines. Thanks to suppliers of the OE and the aftermarket, SAILOG is able to offer a wide range of products for light and off-road vehicles, both European and Asian: cylinder heads, short- and long-blocks, complete engines.
The legendary war-horse of the range is the engine of Mitsubishi Pajero 2.5, 8 valves. For this vehicle we are able to offer almost any engine part and related components.

Crossreference: OEM engine numbers , applications

OPEL CORSA D (S07) 1.3 CDTI (L08, L68) 07.06 55kw 75CV | 0035-AFS
OPEL CORSA D Van (S07) 1.3 CDTI (L08) 07.06 55kw 75CV | 0035-ANU
OPEL MERIVA B (S10) 1.3 CDTI (75) 06.10 55kw 75CV | 0035-ALY
ALFA ROMEO MITO (955_) 1.3 MultiJet 10.09 70kw 95CV | 1742-ABD, 4136-AOR
FIAT 500 (312_) 1.3 D Multijet 12.09 70kw 95CV | 1727-AAZ
FIAT 500 C (312_) 1.3 D Multijet 09.09 70kw 95CV | 4136-AOD
FIAT FIORINO Kasten/Kombi (225_) 1.3 D Multijet 07.09 70kw 95CV | 1727-AGS, 1727-AIU, 4136-AQU
FIAT IDEA (350_) 1.3 D Multijet 05.08/12.12 70kw 95CV | 4136-ANG
FIAT PANDA (312_, 319_) 1.3 D Multijet 04.15 70kw 95CV | 1727-AAK, 1727-AAL
FIAT PUNTO (199_) 1.3 D Multijet 03.12 70kw 95CV | 1727-AHP, 4136-ANQ
FIAT PUNTO EVO (199_) 1.3 D Multijet 10.09/02.12 70kw 95CV | 4136-ANQ
FIAT QUBO (225_) 1.3 D Multijet 07.10 70kw 95CV | 1727-AGS, 1727-AIU, 4136-AQW
FIAT STRADA Pick-up (278_) 1.3 D Multijet (278AYR1A) 10.10 70kw 95CV | 4136-AXO
FIAT TIPO Stufenheck (356_) 1.3 D 10.15 70kw 95CV | 1727-AFI
LANCIA MUSA (350_) 1.3 D Multijet 03.09/09.12 70kw 95CV | 4136-ANG
LANCIA YPSILON (312_) 1.3 D Multijet 05.11 70kw 95CV | 1727-AAJ, 4136-ASB
199B1000 ON OFFER! New genuine engine complete with: particulate filter, flywheel clutch, common rail pump, injectors, canes, intake manifold, pulleys, distribution, new original Garrett turbocharger with manifold, blowby filter. Euro 5. IMPORTANT: changing accessories engine can also be installed on the Fiat Group 1.3L Multijet vehicles. Fiat 199B1000
Opel A13DTC
IVECO DAILY V 3.0L 16 valves, CITROEN JUMPER 3.0L HDI, PEUGEOT BOXER 3.0L HDI 150kw/205CV F1CE New, complete, original F1CE3481D
FIAT 500 TWIN AIR 3a SERIE FIAT 500 – 100CV MFIMO0.9-100CV Complete, including turbo, alternator, A/C compressor, robotized gear-box 199B6000
ALFA MITO, GIULIETTA; FIAT 500 – 168CV MFIMO1.4-168CV Complete, including turbo, alternator, A/C compressor, robotized gear-box 330A1047
ALFA BRERA, 4C – 235CV MFIMO1.75-235CV Complete engine without turbo 940A1000
HYUNDAI GALLOPER, H1, H100, STAREX, KIA PREGIO, K100, MITSUBISHI PAJERO, PAJERO SPORT, L200 D4BF/4D56 Complete engine without starter D4BF
HYUNDAI GALLOPER, H1, H100, STAREX, KIA PREGIO, K100, MITSUBISHI PAJERO, PAJERO SPORT, L200 D4BH/4D56 Complete engine without starter D4BH
FORD TRANSIT 2.4L 90/100/120CV (2001-2008 prod. yrs.) 6C16 6006 AB Half-engine including short-block, cylinder head, distribution 6C16 6006 AB
BMW SERIE 1 E87 120i 2.0L Gasoline (11.2003-06.2011 prod. yrs.)
BMW SERIE 3 E91 TOURING 320i 2.0L Gasoline (09.2005-06.2011 prod. yrs.)
N46B20BD Motore BMW (N° 7826292) new COMPLETE of the following parts:
intake manifold – cod. BMW: 11617560234
starter – cod. BMW: 12417610341 (Bosch Nr.: 0001 107 525)
vacuum pump – cod. BMW: 11667635656
throttle body – cod. BMW: 13547561066
car flywheel- cod. BMW: 754810202
water pump, cod. BMW: 11517574119
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