Turbocharger Kit SC280

suitable for Fiat Coupè 5-cylinder

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Kit SC280 for the development of the Fiat 5-cylinder engine

The 5-cylinder Fiat Coupé is a particular car, much loved by the Italians and has also had success in Germany where various tuners have ventured into the engine development.

The turbo Garrett TB28 is the Achilles heel of this engine; in fact, its internal mechanical structure is not particularly sophisticated and the oil leakage sealing system has shown great shortcomings. The aerodynamics is really poor as both the compressor and the turbine have yields that are not aligned with the current turbos. To make it possible to obtain a smoother torque output from low revs and a higher power, we have created the SC280 Kit equipped with a Mitsubishi TD04HL turbine. This turbo has a very low moment of inertia compared to a TB28, while the air flow rate processed by the compressor is very similar to that of a T3 60 Trim, which is much higher than the original turbo. The 5 square centimeters turbine crankcase provides excellent response to low engine revs while maintaining a good permeability at high revs. An exceptional compromise able to make the Fiat engine very modern. The turbine adopts the same gas inlet flange of the original TB28 turbo. The oil seal system on the compressor side is much more sophisticated than the original, thus avoiding the classic engine oil consumption that often afflicts the original application (especially when the turbo is operated at high engine speeds).

The achievable power is around 260 – 280 horsepower but the component reliability is much higher (thanks to the series adoption of a 360° thrust bearing) compared to the original Garrett TB28 turbo equipped with a 280 series thrust bearing. The turbine material is Niresist D5 with high resistance and the coreassy is water-cooled. It should be noted that the use of this turbo involves the remapping of the control unit carried out by an expert company.

The Kit includes:
n.1 Turbocharger;
n.1 Oil delivery pipe;
n.1 Gasket kit;
n.1 Counterflange for connection to the exhaust through the V-clamp band
n.1 Set of stickers coated with the kit logo