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Engine Parts

We can say that today as never before life is movement. The engine is undoubtedly one of the most successful exp...

Off-Road Tuning Kits

Upgrade Turbo Kits

SAITO’s goal in the tuning is simple: upgrade the supercharging on reliable and robust engines but equipped with...

On-Road Tuning Kits

Upgrade Turbo Kits

Our primary job is to market turbo new Mitsubishi, Garrett and Mahle originals in Italy for the first plan...



The turbocharger is one of the most ingenious inventions in the automotive industry, able to harness a large qua...

Cartridges (Coreassy)


The complete central body, also called "cartridge" or "coreassy" represents the central unit of the turbochar...

Anti Particulate Filters

Application Parts

Marine Turbochargers


When you are on the sea, you have to be in total safety! The marine turbocharger is subject to a different we...

Turbo Gasket Kits


Cylinder Heads

Engine Parts

The engine head, also called cylinder head, plays an essential role in the exploitation of the engine gas in the...



Wastegate Valves / Actuators

Turbochargers, Valves and Sensors

The waste gate valve was created to make the turbo run faster at low revs with a small size turbine housing, wi...

Forged Compressor Wheels

Turbochargers, Upgrade Turbo Kits

The need to get more power and torque from the engine makes it necessary to use turbochargers capable of working...

Half Engines

Engine Parts

The Mitsubishi 4D56 engine sees use in some vehicles, such as Pajero and L200. Being built by Hyundai in South K...


Engine Parts

The short-block is the central dynamic element of the combustion engine. Its primary function is to transform a ...


Engine Parts

The function of the starter is to make the engine reach the number of revolutions needed for self-sustaining. Th...

Throttle Bodies

Engine Parts

The throttle body is part of the internal combustion engine fuel system: it is designed to regulate the air flow...

Oil Inlet Pipes

Application Parts

Whenever it is necessary to replace the turbocharger, it is advisable to analyze and consider the replacement of...

Blow-By Filters

Application Parts

The engine is a system of moving mechanical parts and pressure is generated internally due to its dynamism. The ...


Application Parts

Egr Valves

Valves and Sensors

The EGR valve "Exhaust Gas Recirculation" has the assignment to recirculate a part of the unloading gases releas...

Dump Valves

Valves and Sensors

The pop-off valve is also known as air recirculation valve a or dump valve . It was born to eliminate the ...


Engine Parts, Turbochargers

In questa sezione troverete giacenze di magazzino offerte ad un prezzo eccezionale: turbocompressori nuovi origi...

The turbochargers for vintage cars are only apparently the same as the current ones but in the reality it is not...

Exhaust Risers

Application Parts, Turbochargers

Particularly when the inboard marine engine is close to the waterline, it is often necessary to include the so-c...

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