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“Traveller , there is no road: you make your own path as you walk.”

(A. Machado)

Today the world of the auto repair industry has deeply changed and is constantly evolving. It requires more and more professionalism, state-of-the-art diagnostic systems as well as a wide range of components and good skills in upgrading one’s technical knowledge. All this leads to significant investments for the workshops.

Mission | SAITOIn business for over 30 years, SAITO is highly specialized in the Turbocharger aftermarket offering three-sixty all-round services: continuing availability of the widest choice of new original turbochargers covering practically every brand and model across both European and Asian passenger and Light Commercial Vehicles (LCVs), top quality spare parts for Overhaul and Reman turbochargers. This implies both the use of new cartridges as well as the replacement of the broken parts only. Besides, SAITO can carry out the fitment of a Billet Compressor Wheel in order to upgrade the turbo’s performance and offer special technical skills for the turbo’s failure diagnosis. The experience gained in our in-house workshop, together with being sole distributor of Mitsubishi turbocharger for the Italian market, allowed SAITO to become a benchmark for quality products and services. Nowadays, the approved workshops may find themselves dealing with various brands of cars, but cannot afford to stock a wide range of spare parts. This is why they need strong partners to supply the right product in the shortest possible time and on the best economic terms: exactly what SAITO is aiming at. The company’s experienced team is an added value, crucial when it comes to evaluate a part at a good price but of poor quality standards. We keep a very close eye on price and quality in order to offer the best possible solution for a state-of–the-art repair job.

The effects of the Internet on the Turbocharger aftermarket result in an approach that often gives priority to the commercial aspects at the expenses of the quality. In parallel with these new forms of trade, companies that have been in the market for decades remain solid and are nowadays able to compete on equal terms as of price but certainly are more effective when it comes to pre and after-sales assistance and product selection at source. We strongly believe in professionalism and join forces with companies whose M.O. matches ours. In order to face the new challenges in the market, our range of products is now being offered in our new online shop ( shop.saito.it  )

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