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SAITO’s goal in the tuning is simple: upgrade the supercharging on reliable and robust engines but equipped with now-obsolete turbochargers. The first step is the “matching” (the best combination between compressor and turbine according to the characteristics of the engine), after that Saito realizes all the components and modifies the turbine itself in order prepare a Plug&play kit easy to be installed. By doing this, Saito allows the installer to get a Supercharging Kit that do not need substantial engine’s modifications and that ensure high reliability as it has already been tested. During the years several turbines were supplied for individual special applications such as cars competing at the Paris-Dakar and in various African raids, where the power it’s crucial but reliability it is even more important. All SAITO kits are supplied with a set of stickers set.


soon available new solutions for 4D56 engine, stay tuned!
(contact the sales department for more information +39 071715693 /





(contact the sales department for more information)



ORDER: request the form to register a new customer and after having duly completed it send it by e-mail to or fax to +39 071 716318 citing registration of new customer and order.

DELIVERY: delivery is made by express courier – delivery timing depends on your zip code. Orders are processed according to availability and this is communicated at the time of the offer.

NOTE: SAITO s.r.l. it makes supplies via an accompanying invoice, in case the buyer is a private person he will have to communicate the tax code.

SHIPMENT: the cost of shipping (in the event that the customer wishes to be prepaid) depends on your zip code.

PAYMENT: if the sum exceeds the value of 999 € the payment must be made by bank transfer, if the sum will be lower, it can be made directly to the courier in cash (be given by the courier the receipt of payment made). SAITO s.r.l. text and contents owned by SAITO s.r.l. – copy or use is not authorized

WARRANTY: the SAITO product is covered by a warranty year calculated from the invoice date and for unlimited mileage. In the event of a warranty claim the product must be sent intact with a declaration of the anomalies found (products that are visibly damaged or disassembled will not be taken into consideration). SAITO will carry out the analysis of the component in order to verify if the damage is due to the quality of the product or to an incorrect use of the same (poor lubrication, clogging of the air filter …). The warranty covers only the anomalies of the factory and not the damages reported due to incorrect use of the component. Saito does not recognize any type of additional expense such as disassembling and reassembling the component. in case the guarantee will be recognized SAITO undertakes to return a new component or the value of the assignment in origin. Acceptance of the invoice represents acceptance of the present clauses.

APPROVAL: It is important to know that: SAITO kits are not approved and therefore their use is allowed only in private areas or for competitive activities in which their use is clearly permitted.

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