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Garrett Performance Adattatore Ingresso V-Band 813444-0001 | SAITO

Divided V-Band Inlet Adapter: The Garrett divided V-Band adapter is for enthusiasts that are fabricating divided exhaust manifolds. This adapter mates perfectly with GT/GTX 30 and 35 divided V-Band turbine housings and has two 2″ recessed orifices that feed into the flange.
Turbine Inlet Divided V-Band Adapter: Compatible with GT/GTX 30 & 35 divided turbine housings.
V-Band Adapter Part Number: 813444-0001

Garrett Performance Adattatore Uscita V-Band 774175-0001 | SAITO

V-Band Turbine Outlet Adapter: The Garrett V-Band outlet adapter is for fabricating the turbo down pipe. This adapter mates perfectly with the G25 | G30 | G35 | GT30 | GT35 | GTX30 | GTX35 turbine housing outlet. It has a 3″ recessed opening feeding the flange.
V-Band Adapter Part Number: 774175-0001

Garrett Performance Staffa Regolabile Wastegate 773151-0002 | SAITO

Adjustable Wastegate Bracket: The Garrett Adjustable Wastegate Bracket allows for a greater range of motion to set up the compressor outlet and wastegate can. The bracket also allows for redirection of the actuator to keep vacuum lines away from heat or sharp edges. The adjustable actuator bracket is available for use on GT25R, GT28R and GT30R turbochargers.
V-Band Adapter Part Number: 773151-0002

Garrett Performance Kit Attuatori | SAITO

Actuator Kits: Garrett actuator kits are for use on internally wastegated turbine housings. These kits are designed to regulate shaft speed by venting exhaust gas out of the turbine housing.

PN Model Bar Actuator Assembly
480009-0009 G|GT|GTX28 0.5 Actuator
* Rod end, jam nut, bracket, heat shield not included
480009-0006 G|GT|GTX28 1.0
480009-0010 G|GT|GTX28 1.5


PN Model Bar Actuator Assembly Kit
700187-0001 T25 Actuator , bracket, rod end, jam nut, and heat shield
759498-0001 GT|GTX28 0.5 Actuator, rod end, jam nut
*Bracket and heat shield not included
759498-0005 GT|GTX28 1.5
759498-0007 GT|GTX28 1.0
759498-0004 GT|GTX35R 0.8
759498-0008 G25 1.0 G Series standard rotation, actuator, rod end, jam nut
*Heat shield not included
759498-0010 G25 1.5
759498-0011 G25 1.0 G Series reverse rotation, actuator, rod end, jam nut
*Heat shield not included
759498-0013 G25 1.5

• 759498-0001 -0005 -0007 for use with universal actuator 773151-0002, additional rod end 409878-0001 is required
• 759498-0004 for use with turbine housing wastegate family 771300.

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