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For more than 30 years, SAITO has been offering a highly specialized service in the turbocharger market: constant availability of the entire range of new genuine turbochargers for cars and light commercial vehicles, availability of high quality spare parts for remanufacturing and of reman turbos with new cartridges or with the sole replacement of the broken parts. Besides, we can also offer turbo upgrades by fitting high efficiency custom billet compressor wheels MFS (Machined from Solid), all of this combined with the skills and knowledge of our workshop to provide a free failure analysis of the turbo break. These conditions allowed SAITO, the only distributor of Mitsubishi turbochargers for the Italian market, to become a primary reference point in the field of turbo repairs.


  • New and genuine turbochargers – the only MITSUBISHI distributor in Italy
  • Remanufactured turbos, balanced with the same quality as a new one coming from the first plant manufacturers
  • Components and cartridges tested at the test bench before shipment
  • Excellent knowledge of the product and the technical issues related to it thanks to the thirty-year experience in the turbo world of our CEO, Mr. Stefano Gallo
  • Turnaround time from receiving your turbo for warranty and / or repair is roughly around 24/48 hours
  • Packaging made to guarantee the product arrives in perfect conditions and ready to be installed
  • Delivery by express courier in the shortest time possible with tracked delivery



  • “It is a great pleasure to contact SAITO service center, it really makes my day! The staff is always kind and very professional, with deep technical knowledge to meet any request. Not just a vendor but a reliable partner.”Azienda I.R.
  • “Keeping your commitment stable and unchanged will always pay you back. A serious company is not built in a day: congratulations on your job!”Santi Iurato
  • “The certainty of doing business with a reliable partner who will assist you during and after every purchase, excellent value for money”Ettore - Motorline
  • “SAITO … A NAME AND A GUARANTEE!”Matteo Pascolini - I Matti di Gubbio 4x4
  • “We discovered in SAITO’s team competence and professionalism that were crucial to remanufacture and repair our Jeep turbocharger. Thanks so much!”Pier Paolo Meccoli - Civil Protection of Gualdo Tadino
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