Cylinder Heads

Essential components in the use of engine gases

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  • The engine head is usually referred to as “cylinder head";
  • Always check the oil and water levels;
  • Always follow the motherhouse maintenance requirements


The engine head, also called cylinder head, plays an essential role in the exploitation of the engine gas in the combustion chamber, most of all for the two-stroke engines. Made of cast iron or aluminium, it basically consists of a lid fixed on the short-block by means of screws. The head covers the cylinders in the upper part, thus ensuring the right compression ratio, preventing the internal gas from escaping.

Symptoms of the cylinder head failure. There are many signs of imminent failure of the engine head: water in the engine oil, high consumption of engine coolant, oil in the cooling system expansion tank, difficulty in starting the cylinders during the engine ignition phase, white smoke coming from the exhaust of the engine at startup. Causes for wear and damage to the cylinder head. Malfunction of the cooling system leading to the burning of the gasket between the cylinder head and the block; cracks and deformation also caused by high-temperatures; burned valves or their seats not properly lined-up. Steps to avoid damage to the cylinder head. Maintenance shall be performed in accordance with the manufacturer’s manual for service and maintenance, especially when dealing with engines powered by CNG or LPG. Always check the engine’s water and oil levels.

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crossreference: OEM codes, applications

BARE 182B4000 1.9 JTD Fiat Marea, Bravo, Brava
BARE JXFA / PHFA 2.4 TDCI Ford Transit
BARE ISUZU 4EC1 / X15 1.5 TD Opel
BARE DV6TD 1.6 Citroen C3, C4, C5; Volvo S40; Ford Fiesta, C-Max, Focus; Mazda 3
BARE RF / RF-CX 2.0 D / 2.0 TD Mazda 626: Suzuki Vitara
NOTE: con foro passaggio acqua, iniettori M24x2 mm
BARE TD27T / TD / ETI 2.7 Nissan Terrano I, Terrano II, Cabstar, King Cab, Pathfinder, Pick Up
BARE RF / RE 2.0 / 2.2 Suzuki; Mazda
NOTE: con 4 fori per supporto laterale (non incluso); iniettori M24x2 mm
BARE 8v K9K 700 / 702 / 704 / 706 1.5 DCI Renault Clio, Megane, Kangoo, Scenic
NOTE: per motori iniezione diretta common rail
BARE 300 2.5 TDI Land Rover Discovery, Defender; Merceedes Sprinter
NOTE: motori iniezione diretta; 4 bulloni Ø 10,75 mm
BARE 1KZ-T / 1KZ-TE 3.0 Toyota 4Runner, Land Cruiser
NOTE: lunghezza valvole aspirazione/scarico 104,30 mm
BARE ABL (mot. 076 001)
AEF (mot. 007 001)
1.9 TD Volkswagen Caddy, Polo, Transporter
NOTE: guida valvole Ø 7 mm
BARE 8v ABL (mot. 076 000) 1.9 D Volkswagen Transporter year 1992-A
BARE 10v AAB / AJB / AJA 2.4 D Volkswagen Transporter year 1996
BARE 8v AGP / AQM / AGR / AHF / ALH / ASV 1.9 TDI Volkswagen Golf IV, Bora, Polo, New Beetle
BARE AXD / AXE / BAC / BLJ / BLK / BPD / BPE / BNZ / BPC 2.5 TDI Volkswagen Crafter, Transporter, Touareg
NOTE: diesel a 5 cilindri iniezione diretta
BARE AJM / ASZ / ATD / AVB / AXR / BKC / BDK / BMM / BXE 1.9 TDI Volkswagen Golf, Bora, Polo, Sharan, Touran, New Beetle, Passat
1960811 BARE 8v TD27T 2.7 TD  Ford Pickup, Maverick
BARE 8v 300TDI 2.5 TDI Ford Ranger  year 2002
22100-42421 22100-42200 22100-42210  22100-42960 22000-42A20 COMPLETE 8v D4BH / D4BAT 2.5 TDI Hyundai H1, H100, Galloper Exceed  year 1998
22100-42521 BARE 8v D4BH 2.5 TD Hyundai H1, H100, Galloper  year 1992
22000-42880 COMPLETE 8v D4BF 2.5 TD Hyundai H1, H100, Galloper Exceed year 1993
22100-42880 BARE 8v D4BF 2.5 TD Hyundai H1, H100, Galloper  year 1992
22100-4A000  22100-4A060 22100-4A010 BARE 16v D4CB 2.5 TCI Hyundai H1, H200, Starex, Porter  year 2003-2006
2210027900 2210027000 2210027400 2210027901 BARE 8v D4EA 2.0 TD Hyundai Santa Fe, Elantra Trajet, Tucson, Sonata 83/92kw year 2000-
22001-4XA20 BARE 16v J3 / J3-TE 2.9 Hyundai Terracan  106kw
FS0110100J  FS0210100J BARE 8v RF-CX D/RE 2.0 Kia Sportage 1996-
MRFJ510090D BARE 8v RF/RE 2.0 TD Mazda 626 
6110102320 6110106620 6110106720 6110105420  6110106820 6110104420 BARE 16v OM611.980 / OM611.981 / OM611.987 2.0 CDI / 2.2 CDI Mercedes Benz, Vito, Sprinter 108/110/112kw year 1998-
1005A560 1005B452  1005B453 BARE 16v 4D56U 2.5 TDI Mitsubishi L200, L200 CR, Triton, Strada, Pajero Sport, Montero Sport Challenger, Nativa year 2005
ME202621 BARE 8v 4M40 2.8 TD Mitsubishi Pajero GLX, Montero GLX, Canter year 1994 
ME029320  ME193804  ME202620 BARE 8v 4M40-T 2.8 TD Mitsubishi Pajero GLX, Montero GLX, Canter year 1994
ME204200 BARE 16v 4M41 3.2 TD Mitsubishi Pajero 3.2 TD
11039-43G36 11041-45N01 11039-7F043 11039-7F409 BARE 8v TD27T 2.7 TD / D Nissan Terrano, Mistral, Pathfinder  year 1986
11039-VC101 11039-VC10A BARE 16v ZD30  3.0 TDI Nissan Patrol Gr, Terrano II, Urban  year 2000-
11040-G9825 BARE 12v RD28T 2.8 TD Nissan Patrol Gr
11040-VB301 BARE 12v RD28T 2.8 TD Nissan Patrol Gr 
11100-57802 BARE 16v G16B 1.6 Suzuki Baleno, Swift, Vitara, Grand Vitara  year 1989-
11101-54050 11101-54024 11101-54062 BARE 8v 2L(old) / 2LT 2.4 D Toyota Hilux  year 1984/89
11101-54120 11101-54121 BARE 8v 2L / 2LT II 2.5 Toyota Hilux 2400, Land Cruiser, 4-Runner
11101-69126 11101-69128 BARE 8v 1KZ-T 3.0 TD Toyota Land Cruiser, 4-Runner, Hilux  year 1993-
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