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The function of the starter is to make the engine reach the number of revolutions needed for self-sustaining. The starter is linked to the start system of the engine. Its task is to transform the electrical energy provided by the accumulator (battery) into mechanical rotation energy. The starter is usually powered by direct current and in the automotive field the magnet starter is the most frequent one. In this type of starter motor a high starting torque is quickly developed which decreases with the increase in the number of revolutions. The starters are usually made up of an electric motor coupled with bendix clutch, an electromagnet, a planetary gear reducer.

A decade ago, SAITO was joined as a business partner by a new company called SAILOG. Born a bit for fun, a little to challenge, SAILOG was established to supply our customers with the most complete range of engine parts possible for the legendary 4D56,

Throttle Bodies

They regulate the air flow into the combustion chamber.

The throttle body is part of the internal combustion engine fuel system: it is designed to regulate the air flow into the combustion chamber.

The throttle body usually consists of a cylindrical or oval part that connecting the thermal unit (combustion chamber, cylinder head, piston and cylinder) with the outside. In this pipe there is the butterfly valve which regulates the flow of air: its working depends on the accelerator of the vehicle – the acceleration makes the valve open more thus allowing a greater flow of air. This is brought to the engine by depression, by the piston, by the carter in the four / two-stroke engines or by the turbocharger in the supercharged engines. Some throttle bodies are also equipped with an additional pipe which, going past the primary valve, acts as a pipe for idle speed and is regulated by an electric motor (so called “idle motor”): this regulates the flow of


The heart of the complete engine!

The short-block is the central dynamic element of the combustion engine. Its primary function is to transform a linear movement into a rotating movement in order to exploit the thrust generated by an explosion to rotate a shaft. Inside the short-block are all the necessary elements to carry out this function, namely the crankshaft, the connecting rods, the supports, the bearings and the pistons. All the remaining components of the engine are connected to the short-block: oil pump, water pump, counter-shafts, alternator etc …this makes it the true heart of the complete engine.

The refined manufacturing and care with the use of good materials and production tolerances generate what we call the quality of the product. The use of original components handled by specialists is imperative when considering the high temperatures and the great amount of mechanical force to which the short-block is exposed. Quality is crucial to ensure long-lasting and reliable engine performance.


Cylinder Heads

Essential components in the use of engine gases

The engine head, also called cylinder head, plays an essential role in the exploitation of the engine gas in the combustion chamber, most of all for the two-stroke engines. Made of cast iron or aluminium, it basically consists of a lid fixed on the short-block by means of screws. The head covers the cylinders in the upper part, thus ensuring the right compression ratio, preventing the internal gas from escaping.

Symptoms of the cylinder head failure. There are many signs of imminent failure of the engine head: water in the engine oil, high consumption of engine coolant, oil in the cooling system expansion tank, difficulty in starting the cylinders during the engine ignition phase, white smoke coming from the exhaust of the engine at startup. Causes for wear and damage to the cylinder head. Malfunction of the cooling system leading to the burning of the gasket between the cylinder head and the block; cracks and

Half Engines

The "heart" of each vehicle!

The Mitsubishi 4D56 engine sees use in some vehicles, such as Pajero and L200. Being built by Hyundai in South Korea it is also fitted on Galloper 2.5, H1 and H100. The 4D56 is famous for its high resistance and durability. The extreme reliability and little maintenance required make it ideal for sports or more in general for off-road use. SAILOG, commercial partner of SAITO, was established in 2006 to meet the growing demand for spare parts for European and Asian light vehicles.
In particular, the model called AH22 includes:
– shortblock (crankshaft, pistons, piston rings and rods);
– complete cylinder head (springs, valves, rocker arms, camshaft);
– countershafts set;
– rocker cover
– distribution (water and oil pump);
– oil pan and dip-tube;
– injectors and injector pipes

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The "heart" of the vehicle

We can say that today as never before life is movement. The engine is undoubtedly one of the most successful expressions to give man the possibility of moving around a world that is going faster and faster. From a strictly technical point of view, the first internal-combustion engine can be considered a set of components whose function is to convert a source of chemical energy into kinetic energy. We could venture a comparison by saying that the engine – like the human body – needs good functioning and perfect synchrony between its parts in order to guarantee maximum efficiency. The right care and maintenance are key to the best performance and prolonging the life of your engine.
SAILOG was founded in 2006 as a commercial partner of SAITO to meet the ever growing demand for spare parts for engines. Thanks to suppliers of the OE and the aftermarket, SAILOG is able to offer a

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