Blow-By Filters

Its proper functioning protects the compressor wheel

Blow-By Filters

Its proper functioning protects the compressor wheel
  • 1 May 2020
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The engine is a system of moving mechanical parts and pressure is generated internally due to its dynamism. The only way to reduce such pressure is to create a vent to the outside. Unfortunately however, the exhaust fumes of the engine are carcinogens because they contain combustion residues and oil molecules. A new engine will have low pressure in the sump because the seal between pistons and cylinders will be excellent being ensured by new and not worn out piston rings. With time and use, the seal of the cylinders will be reduced thus letting in more pressure inside the engine and creating a greater quantity of gas. In order to reduce pollution, these fumes are put in circulation towards the intake of the engine or between the air filter and the compressor so as to burn all the polluting molecules.

To prevent damage to the compressor wheel, filters and settlers have been installed in

Oil Inlet Pipes

Change it every time you replace the turbocharger!

Whenever it is necessary to replace the turbocharger, it is advisable to analyze and consider the replacement of all the components close to it which help it work properly. The oil inlet pipe is one of them, being responsible of the lubrication necessary to the turbo to avoid seizure. Unfortunately the importance of this small component is often underestimated by professionals. In fact, the clogging of the oil inlet pipe, particularly when dealing with some specific ones that suffer from this defect, represents one of the first causes of failure of the turbo itself. It is strongly recommended to replace the oil inlet pipe every time a turbocharger is replaced.

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Exhaust Risers

Made of stainless steel to resist salt corrosion
Riser di Scarico | SAITO

Particularly when the inboard marine engine is close to the waterline, it is often necessary to include the so-called “exhaust riser”, a component connected directly to the exhaust manifold. Normally the riser has an external over-wrap where the water that surrounds the exhaust gas pipe circulates, guaranteeing the cooling of the entire circumference of the pipe itself. The exhaust riser of a marine engine aims to guartantee the collection, the mixing and the engine cooling water and fuel gas expulsion.

Exhaust manifolds and risers are therefore essential components for the correct operation of the direct or indirect cooling system of the inboard marine engine.

For all the most common inboard marine engines – Volvo Penta, Yanmar, Iveco Aifo, Mercury Mercuiser just to name a few – SAITO, through its commercial partner SAILOG, sells exhaust manifolds and risers, pipe elbows, bends, dual chamber exhausts and heating exchangers all of them made of stainless steel for deep

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