Turbocharger Kit SDT3 VGT Variable Geometry

suitable for Land Rover Discovery 200 "Low Position" engine

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A latest generation VGT turbo for get the best performance, reliability and consumption on your Discovery!

SDT3VGT is based upon a Genuine Garrett VGT Turbocharger in order to guarantee that the application will not only be performant, but also particularly reliable.

The VGT technology has undergone an incredible development over the years, bringing the product to reliability levels that were once unthinkable. In the past, SAITO has avoided the implementation of the upgrade kit by adopting VGT systems because the quality of the components was unstable and too sensitive to the settings of the diesel pump. The old turbines of the GT17/GT22 series – for example those mounted on the 2.4 liter 5-cylinder Fiat engines – used a variable geometry system that was highly conditioned by the shape of the inner surfaces of the turbine casing. The VGT system worked in close contact with the internal surface of the turbine casing and for this reason there was a high risk of blockage or malfunction due to the deformation of the planes and their contamination due to particulate deposits. The core could not rotate with respect to the turbine crankcase and the impeller yields were limited, in fact the impellers adopted was a derivation of the old one used on waste gate turbos.

The modern VGT turbos are more expensive but make the application much safer and efficient. The aerodynamics, specifically designed for the wide-spectrum use of VGT turbos, allow high air flow rates in the face of reduced temperatures, this means a greater supply of oxygen capable of developing better combustion. The modern cores are now completely independent from the turbine crankcase, allowing an ideal positioning in order to avoid oil consumption phenomena (wrong oil inlet/outlet angle). The material of the turbine crankcase, now of higher quality, avoids deformation or cracking phenomena. The VGT system is inserted between two steel surfaces that are not sensitive to temperature and therefore less subject to deformation.

All these improvements, not perceivable by the general public who see and comment on the turbo in its exteriority, allow to obtain superior performance in the face of greater reliability of the components not only turbo but also engine. The adoption of these new turbos therefore makes the engine more progressive since low revs, so as to drastically reduce the effect of the turbo lag, particularly felt on the original application. The power at high engine revs increases substantially and, thanks to the variability of the system, it is possible to benefit from the reduction of exhaust back pressure to the full advantage of performance, fuel consumption and temperatures in the combustion chamber. The turbo is supplied with pneumatic pressure actuator so that it can be easily managed and the calibration is performed in order to guarantee a peak pressure not higher than 1.4 Bar. The Kit is very easy to install.

Application: Land Rover Discovery (low position)
Displacement: 2.5L
Year: 1989-1995
ENgine type: 200

n.1 ACTUATOR Pre-calibrated actuator (1.2Bar recommended for maintaining engine reliability)
– “Air Filter Control;
Compressor Wheel installation made of Avional Forged Bar (for increased air mass and reliability related to rotor speed);
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