Turbocharger Kit SSB100R

suitable for Smart 700 Roadster

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SSB100R Kit for Smart Roadster 700, a real little sport car!

The Smart Roadster is the best expression of “small sports car” made in series with a displacement below one liter. A car without equal whose fame and presence on the market has been blurred by its higher initial price. Fantastic engineering realization, with a rear engine slightly inclined towards the front to allow an ideal weight distribution. The traction is rear, as you ask a sports class, the height from the ground and the total height are particularly reduced so as to allow a reduced CX (low impact of penetration in the air) and a limited roll. A car like this is the toy that many would like to have, but to be able to take advantage of the real qualities it is appropriate to increase the torque and power.

The SSB100 Kit incredibly enhances the qualities of the small engine bringing the power values at about 105 hp (the achievable power depends on the correct ECU setting) while the torque, delayed by about 80 engine revolutions, reaches 13 Kgm allowing obtaining an exciting thrust that finds the its highest expression in the second and third gears. The absolute speed is close to 200 km/h but the real pleasure is not the speed but the reactivity at maximum torque.

The assembly of the Kit is very simple and requires a limited time but it is to be kept in mind that the ECU reset has to be performed by a specialist and also the modification of the exhaust system. In this case it is possible to use the drain created for the Smart Two version by making changes to the support bracket.

The Roadster version equipped with the SSB100 Kit becomes a classy sports car, a “go kart” capable of giving fantastic emotions especially thanks to the notable thrust of the small but sturdy engine. It is advisable to install spacers on the hubs so as to increase the roadway making the car more stable in the corners.

The Kit includes:
n. 1 Turbocharger with modified orientations for easy installation
n. 1 Inlet and Outlet Oil pipe kit
n. 1 Set air hoses for delivery and exit from the compressor
n. 1 Exhaust manifold

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